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Breaking News*

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Features
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*Not Really, but absolutely hilarious, nonetheless.

In no way do I mean to mock the historical event paving way to American retribution for the 9/11 terrorist attacks (no matter what Rashard Mendenhall says) – the deftly coordinated Navy SEAL raid and consequent termination of Osama bin Laden (read a short tribute I put together about the members of SEAL Team 6 here).

But, what would this momentous occasion be without commentary from everyone’s favorite (pseudo) President Bush.  Currently declining to share the spotlight with President Obama, camera’s caught the reticent former Commander in Chief at his favorite Sizzler Steakhouse on Canyon Ranch Road, right outside of his gate guarded community in Dallas, TX.  There, he shared insight into a recent “covert and strategic operation” in which he directed: