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Seeing that the NFL will be holding its annual draft this year shrouded in uncertainty by the labor dispute between  ownership and players, NFL network front-man, Rich Eisen, was supplanted right in front of us on late night TV to try and peak some last minute interest and perhaps to do some collateral damage control.  And, if you haven’t been paying attention, the legal mess resulting from a greedy, “get-it-while-the-gettin-is-good” attitude from both the owners and the players has turned many fans away in utter disgust.  In this economic climate an agreement hinged on who gets more of a near 9 billion dollar pie seems to be a sticking point. I’m definitely no legal analyst but at some point you have to throw your hands up and think, “we are arguing over the difference of a few hundred million dollars here people.  Somehow, someway, we will find a way to be happy and continue our plight toward the American Dream while the rest of America goes down the toilet!”

Here is Rich Eisen trying to give the abridged version of the draft, labor dispute, and future of NFL football to a semi-unfarmiliar/uninformed/more important things to worry about audience: