I am a football coach… I love football… I love my family… and I need an outlet to channel my thoughts on everything in between.  We have hit tough times in the nation and in the world.  History repeats itself with tragedy and hardship.  I can only imagine what it would have been like to have endured during eras of war, segregation, and political strife that have come before me.

People change from generation to generation and all things considered, we spend a pretty simple existence during our time here in this world.  When it gets down to brass tax there’s only a few things that really matter in this life.  So, these are the things I will write about.

Saturday Nite Lites is dedicated to a lot of things football and some things not, but all things related to the way I see the world today.  Things that make me laugh and certainly things that make me think – from the mercurial to the mundane – will be presented here for your reading leisure.  Enjoy the site, and check back often as I plan to include some of the following features:

  • Chronicles of a football coach – my personal commentary on the process of being a football coach.  Insight on everything from philosophy and methodology, to career management/pursuits, and lessons learned.
  • Return of the West Coast Offense – observations and analysis on the brand of football made famous by legendary San Francisco 49ers coach, Bill Walsh.  Connections between the principles of offense today and the concepts from which they are derived.  Analysis of recurring characteristics shared between different brands of offense (spread, pro-style, option, single wing, etc) to demonstrate their interrelatedness and/or interdependence with the same core concepts no matter what the perceived brand.
  • Coaching Memoirs – reflections on seasons past providing framework for discussion on sociological and psychological aspects of sport and culture.  Personal stories supporting themes including theories behind individual and group motivation, self determination, team/group cohesion, academic learning, competition, leadership, ethics, personal relationships and more.
  • Journal article/book reviews – commentary and analysis on all topics relevant, inspirational, enlightening, controversial, light hearted, and more.


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