Spring Journal #1: Hit the ground running

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Coaching Chronicles, Memoirs
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In out first on-field spring practice session this year we worked on form running and sprint mechanics for the majority of the day.  Points of emphasis in this area included: arms bent at elbows at 90-degrees focusing on linear movement from the shoulder joint, opposite arm driving the opposite leg, erect spine, head and eyes up, legs turning over in a circular motion with the foot flexing and extending against the ground as the heel pulls through, and connecting the upper and lower body together in a kinetic chain to get the most out of our movements.

As with everything worth teaching, we broke the process of sprinting into drills to repeat the desired movements:

1. Stationary arm swings

A. Striders – :30

B. Stride/Sprint/Stride – :10/:10/:10

C. Spring/Stride/Sprint – :10/:10/:10

2. Stationary hip flexibility/range of motion

A. Leg swings front to back – 20 on each leg

3. Stationary circular motion/stride turnover

A. Standing (partner) “swipe & cycle” – 20 on each leg

4. Moving circular motion/stride turnover

A. Single leg quick step – every 3rd step right leg for 10 yards/left leg for 10 yards

B. Full cycle run – 20 yards

5. Striders/buildups – 20/40/60 yards

As we progress in our stability training in the morning we will gradually introduce change of direction drills throughout the spring as well.


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