A quarterback’s viewpoint

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Coaching Chronicles, College Football
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Washington Huskies starting quarterback, red-shirt sophomore Keith Price, wore a helmet-cam during the UW spring game.  This video is from Football Scoop and it’s a pretty cool look inside a Division I College Football huddle.

I like the urgency in which Price snaps off the play-calls, how he gets his teammates in and out of the huddle with encouragement, and keeps them going when they are tired toward the end of a drive.

Something you might also appreciate is the perspective from inside the pocket as the play develops.  It really demonstrates all the working parts that a high functioning quarterback has to be aware of.

Price points out the “Mike” on every play so that the offensive line can set (or bluff) their protection, initiates shifts and motions on time while surveying the defense, makes sideline adjustments with coaches, and delivers the ball on time in the face of pressure.

UW head coach, Steve Sarkesian, can be heard through voice overlay comparing him to Charlie Ward, the former Florida State Heisman winning quarterback and basketball point guard.


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